5S Series - Sort
5S Series - Sort

Happy New Year folks! Hope you are well and healty in Year 2021. May Your business grows to better and generate high revenue than year 2020.

Let's continue with education with this time is 5S. Today posting we touch in first of the 5S which is Sort.

For this step, take a close look at the items, tools, and materials in a work area. Items that are necessary or useful for the work being done in that space should be kept there. Everything else should be removed.
Some of those removed items will need to be thrown away or recycled. Other items might belong to another work process or location; they should be returned to their “homes.” However, you might find some items that you aren’t sure about.
Red-Tagging Unknown Items

If you find an item that you can’t identify, or that has uncertain ownership, it’s time to use a red tag. “Red-Tagging” temporarily attaches a highly-visible tag to the item, which notes where it was found and when. Then, red-tagged items from all work areas are collected in a single location: a “lost and found” for tools, materials, and equipment.

So let's begin this very 1st step of 5S - Sorting!
Remember clearing out unnecessary materials in step 1 (Sort) will provide the space needed to organize the important items in step 2 (Set In Order).
Then, once the work space is de-cluttered and organized, dirt and grime can be removed in step 3 (Shine).
These changes to workers’ job duties and work environment should be reflected in updated procedures through step 4 (Standardize).
Finally, those new procedures won’t amount to much unless responsibility is assigned and progress is tracked — as required for step 5 (Sustain). And with responsibility and tracking, workers will continue to apply the steps, returning to step 1.

Published : 4-Jan-2021

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