Learn about our company Core Values
Learn about our company Core Values

Progauge Enterprise core value is built from the heart of our business and reflect our company is built upon and has being practised in our day-to-day business for more than 10 Years. These core value has set us to ensures all business conducted is on the same path, working towards a shared end goal throughout the operation of Progauge Enterprise.
Our Core Values are:

  1. Innovation – Thinking constantly improving our services to add value into customer and our work life output.
  2. Excellent – Deliver excellent of services on time every time.
  3. Professionalism – Being technically, competent and upholding 5 ethical standards (Integrity, Confidentiality, Honest, Respect and Good Behaviour) in our business

Today we share our 1st Core Values which is - Innovation.

We believe a company to thrive and survive in services market and to be outpace others, it is crucial to be continually innovating and improving in the process.

Progauge Enterprise has adapted Lean Management to innovate our way of doing business.

New revenue opportunities into specialize equipment calibration, optimising our existing channels by introducing reduction of calibration cost and boosts our calibration services to other sectors of industries to gain new experiences and know how knowledge work together with customer, these are our innovation in our business.

By Innovate our way of doing business, we add value not only to our work life, our customer is enjoying service value satisfaction increase as we grow in business.

Published : 15-Mar-2021

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