Progauge Enterprise is not only experience in providing Calibration, equipment measuring provider, we also experience in Quality services that has more than 10-Year in providing Quality related services to our clients.

We are fully independent of any importer, exporter, supplier and manufacturer. We aiming to be your eyes in quality services with offering Our Quality services as below:

·        Pre-Shipment Inspection
·        Container Loading Supervision
·        Quality Consultant
·        Quality Audits

We have our Quality Inspector and consultant that is familiar with wide sector of Quality standards which we able to offer our Quality services to our clients in Automotive, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Medical and Consumer sectors.

We have our own competent Inspectors that has accumulate years of service in Quality section of manufacturing and has trained with quality mindset. You can fully depend on with full trust or confidence on our inspection services to inspect your product accordingly to your requirement. 

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