Waste No. 3 - Waste of Motion
Waste No. 3 - Waste of Motion

Today we continue with the 7 Waste of Lean Manufacturing series.

Waste No. 3 - Waste of Motion

What it is?

  1. A process that has step that is not value adding, moving is not necessarily working existed.
  2. Too many motions or steps may cause by poor layout of the process.
  3. Poor design of process of transferring from one process to another process.
  4. Poor workplace organization.
  5. Large batch sizes.

How you over come it?

  1. Look back at each of your process and look for any job that burden the operator, this should be minimize.
  2. Implement 5S into each of your process to look for any struggle area and improve using 5S methodology.
  3. Develop a standard operating procedure to ensure the process has standardize operating.
  4. Implement Single minute exchange tool (SMED) to remove wasteful motion in steps.
  5. Regular check the processes for any new waste created.

This may help your process to overcome waste of motion, the waste No.3 in Lean manufacturing.

If you have more idea why not drops us in comment - Thanks!

Published : 28-Nov-2020

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