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PROGAUGE ENTERPRISE is a professional measuring equipment solution provider in Malaysia. Our premise is based in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. We have more that 10 years of experienced in the calibration services.

In PROGAUGE ENTERPRISE, our main objective is to establish a platform of knowledge in educating and at the same time servicing. As we growth year by year we have gathered wide experiences in the field of Technical in calibration, Services and Equipment field testing. We have work across every sector in Malaysia industries such as Oil and Gas, Automotive products, Medical Devices, Consumer products and Electronic.

"CAN DO!" is our mindset in regardless of simple to difficult job. We have “LEAN” mindset in services, in everything we do at our daily job, we think of improvement step by step. Our aim is to reduce our internal operating cost and our customer can benefit long term of "NO UP" cost on our services.

Our Vision and Core Values


Our Vision is to be the recognized market of calibration services industry.

Thinking originally and constantly improving our services to add value into customer and our work life output

Deliver excellent quality services on time every time.

Being technically, competent and upholding 5 ethical standard (Integrity, Confidentiality, Honest, Respect and good behavior) in our business

Why do you need calibration?

ISO29001:2010 – Oil and Gas Requirement ?

Clause 7.6.1 - Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment.
ISO9001:2015 – Quality Requirement ?

Clause 7.1.5 - Monitoring And Measuring Resources.
ISO13485:2016 – Medical Devices Requirement ?

7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment
Non-Certification process ?

• Heavy usage in your process.
• Normal wear and tear of the equipment.
• Electric or Mechanical shock.
• Hazardous environment (Example oily, metal chips etc.).
IATF 16949:2015 – Automotive Requirement ? – requires all external calibration laboratories to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and to provide calibration certificates with a national accreditation mark.
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