Waste No. 5 - Overprocessing
Waste No. 5 - Overprocessing

Continue of 7 Waste of Lean Manufacturing series and today we talk about

Waste No. 5 - Waste of Over processing

What it is?
  1. Putting more effort, value into the product than it's cost valued by customer.
  2. Such as unnecessarily of tolerance such as too tight, over clean or over polishing beyond the requirement.
  3. No standardization of best technique can lead to over processing.
  4. Unclear specification of the product.
  5. Unclear quality standard requirement.
How you over come it?
  1. Again 5S can be use in reducing or eliminating over processing.
  2. Implement SOP with proper pictures on how the processing work, this is visual guided standard.
  3. Another visual guided is by video, can be use to guide operator to work accordingly.
  4. Regular OJT (On Job Training), this is to instill operator knowledge of the work and upgrading skills.
  5. Regular review the design of the product with value engineering or value analysis to identify opportunity of improvement.
This may help your process to overcome waste of overprocessing, the waste No.5 in Lean manufacturing.

By reducing waiting you will improve the productivity of your workers and reduce your operating costs and eventually increase operating profit margin.

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Published : 30-Nov-2020

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